Get Involved

You can keep hope alive for homeless pets.

RESCUE. Pet overpopulation and animal homelessness is a community responsibility.  Help by doing your part! Whether you have 40 hours or 40 minutes, every little bit helps.  Here are a few ways to lend a helping paw:

MAKE A DONATION. Donate money, food, old blankets and towels, crates or other needed supplies to your local animal shelter.

LEND A PAW. Volunteer your time at your local shelter. Walk dogs, play with cats, help bathe and groom or promote special events, whatever your bag may be. Contact your local shelter (see the listings on this website) to find out what volunteer opportunities are available.

VOTE FOR THE ANIMALS.  Support legislation to help protect animals. Contact government officials about animal issues and urge them to support pro-animal legislation.

HELP SPREAD THE WORD. Tell your friends about the local shelter’s services.  Promote adoption and responsible pet ownership.

BE A HERO. Report animal cruelty and neglect, as well as injured or stray animals. You may prevent suffering and even save a life.